Selasa, 23 Ogos 2016


"JOHN R MALOTT is former United States ambassador to Malaysia." - that is how MalaysiaKini and John Malott signs off his numerous opinion pieces interfering in Malaysian politics.

He was also the person who started the failed free Anwar petition on the Whitehouse website.

And recently, he was very vocal after the DOJ case and wrote many pieces including asking people to attack Najib.

Many people are surprised at this white person's extraordinary interest in Malaysia ad his undying support for Anwar.

People say, perhaps it was because he was an ex-Ambassador to Malaysia - hence the interest.

But what John Malott and Mkini "forgo"t to mention is that after he retired from his post as ambassador, he started his own consulting company and also joined a famous lobbying firm called ManattJones Global Strategies  as MD for Asia Pacific.

Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in a government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies - such as the State department, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Senate etc.

Many people say that lobbying in the USA is a legalized form of corruption or cronyism.

A professional lobbyist firm is what you would pay big bucks to hire to fight for your interests and influence decisions in the USA govt.

But of course there is hard evidence that he was ever directly hired by any persons from Malaysia to lobby the US Govt for the interest of any parties or persons though.

However, to be fair in future and in the interest of transparency, MalaysiaKini and Mr Malott should sign off his article in future as

""JOHN R MALOTT is former United States ambassador to Malaysia AND former APAC Managing Director for a major professional lobbyist firm."



Did you know that companies such as Tanjong, Maxis and Astro are actually technically controlled by a foreign company?

The majority owner of these companies shares are owned by Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd, which lists RM20 billion of assets.

But there are only two share holders of Usaha Tegas - a local company holding a massive TWO shares and the tax haven Jersey, Channel Islands  incorporated  company called Pacific States Investment Ltd owns the rest of the 9,999,998 shares.

Who owns Pacific States Investments from there on is also not publicly stated as such offshore ownership are not normally listed - but said to be controlled by Ananda Krishnan.

Who else owns shares in Pacific States Investments is also a mystery.

Usaha Tegas in itself was created in June 1984 and then two years later, it was given a Telco license and a 4D license, a pay TV license a lottery license. and also the Turf Club betting license.

In 1988, DBKL served an eviction notice to the Turf Club forcing them to relocate from the LEASEHOLD land which the govt had already claimed back in 1983 under the Land Acquisition act.

And then in 1989, another company called Seri Kuda was incorporated with Usaha Tegas being the majority shareholder.

This company was then allowed to buy the Jalan Ampang land for Rm100 million, pay RM200 million to convert the land to commercial freehold (total cost of RM300 million) and then in 1991, sell 51% to Petronas for a reported RM600 million.

Thus, expiring leasehold land that the govt was already claiming back at nominal cost under the land acquisition act suddenly cost the govt RM600 million for just 50% while the private company Usaha Tegas got to make a profit of RM300 million.

Thus a land that was already the govt's was sold to private company at cheap rates and then sold back at expensive price to govt within a few years.

Mahathir supporters are angry that govt land in TRX was sold cheaply to 100% govt owned company at higher prices but they remain strangely quiet that govt land was sold cheaply to private company and then sold back to govt at expensive prices.

Mahathir and Mahathir supporters are strange people.